How to get each license in BitLife

BitLife offers three different types of licenses that you can get to fly an airplane, drive a car, or navigate a boat. These include boating, driving, and piloting licenses, and to get each one you need to pass some easy tests. Here is a complete guide on how to get each license in BitLife.

Driving license

Once you reach your teenage years in BitLife, you will be required to obtain your driver’s license. It’s free to get, and you can receive it by answering simple questions in a traffic light test. If you don’t want to take the test immediately, you can get your license later by going to the licenses section of the Activities tab of the game.

Navigation permit

Unlike a driver’s license, you have to spend money to get a boating license. You will need $ 210 to take the test. You can earn the amount easily if you have a job. After reaching the age of 18, go to the License section of the Activities tab and select the Boat license option. Pay the required fees and take the test by answering a few questions.

Pilot license

A pilot’s license is a bit difficult to obtain as you will need to complete 40 hours of training before taking the test. You need to go to the Active tab and select an airplane or helicopter to buy from an airborne store. Once done, you will receive a prompt denying the purchase without a pilot’s license, as well as an option to attend flight school.

Each hour of flight school will cost you $ 165 and once the training is complete, go to the license tab to take the test. You will be asked a few questions and you will be awarded your pilot’s license once you answer them correctly.

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