Beta could lose his liquor license and readers are reacting

The hearing officer overseeing an administrative case against the Beta Event Center has recommended that the city of Denver withdraw the liquor and cabaret licenses from the club at 1909 Blake Street. The place is owned by Valentes Corleons, whose legal name is Hussam Kayali.

“When [the owner’s] The continued operation of the club has generated an escalation of inspections, he resorted to bragging about being a member of an organized crime organization as a bullying tactic. The only reason he is claiming this status is to exercise undue influence over City staff. It also had nothing to do with their interaction. The implicit message to staff is that they may be harmed because of their dissatisfaction with their regulatory actions. This tactic is serious and unacceptable, especially for a licensed cabaret holder, where character and reputation are a licensing factor, ”wrote Federico Alvarez, a former Denver District Court judge who served as ‘hearing officer for an excise alcohol license and licensing show. cause case.

“I will appeal, and I will go through with it,” said Corleons, who has ten working days from December 8, the date of the recommended decision, to file an objection.

And in the meantime, readers have a lot to say about the club and Corleons in the comments on the news about Beta. Said Sal:

The owner of the club is only guilty of Italian appropriation. What a decision by DB to be called Corleons.

Listed Offers:

Let him spend his day in court, then respond to the verdict. I find the hatred of him strange from afar.

Jason’s responses:

Try closely. Try to work in front of this shitty show.

Kyle adds:

If you liked the beta and what it was at one point, that’s easy to understand.

Matt remarks:

They closed. And reopened. And then closed. And then reopened. And no one wishes they did.

Ashton answers:

Haven’t been there since New Years Eve 2018, but loved it before! It’s sad that it turned out so badly under the new management.

Suggest clay:

Beta is the coolest place in Denver!
– No one ever said.

Adam Notes:

Rolling stone say it.

Taylor comments:

Well that’s what Colorado is attracting to now. Garbage related events, garbage places and an insane amount of garbage collectors.

If Corleons does not file an objection, or if he files one and it is not accepted, the Executive Director of the Department of Excise and Licensing will make a final decision on the fate of the liquor license. of Beta, probably during the month of January.

Have you been in beta recently? What do you think of the recommendation of the hearing officer?

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