Outcasters Improv Comedy Training Center Surviving the Challenges of the Pandemic

(Plus Magazine Editorial): – Scottsdale, Arizona, Jan. 1, 2022 (Issuewire.com) – Outcasters Improv Training Center is celebrating its first anniversary by bringing the art of improvisation to residents of Arizona. The Outcasters’ Drop-in Improvisation Classes use improvisation games to help students access their inner genius and build a powerful sense of self-confidence. Most experience improvisation from watching the hit TV show “Whose Line Is It Anyway?”

Crossing the pandemic when they launched, improv classes were in full swing across the country on Zoom as well as live in North Scottsdale. Joe Hammer, founder of The Outcasters and author of The advantage of improvisation noted, “Our improv classes help those who need a creative reboot, boost their self-confidence, or just have fun, try something new, and bond deeply with others. other fun people. “

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Craig Smith, California resident and student of The Outcasters Zoom class, extols the virtues of his recent improvisation training experience, “I have hit rock bottom in terms of social interactions so many times and I finally made the decision enough is enough. I need to get better. This is exactly what I needed. I feel so happy and grateful to be a part of it… ”

Outcasters also take great pride in their corporate training which fosters positive collaboration to achieve objectives and goals through the combined strength of staff and team members. Lamont Yoder, CEO of Banner Baywood, Gateway and Heart Hospitals, and Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center, says: “Joe and his team provided a very fun and impactful experience for our management team. I immediately saw everyone very committed to the art of improvisation and the perspective that it brings to us as leaders. What a fun and precious lesson to listen to carefully before answering while having fun along the way… ”

Joe is also very proud of his troupe members who participate in the Outcasters’ Improv for a Cause program, where the improv troupe partners with local charities and nonprofits to help financially raise funds and to raise awareness of worthy causes. Joe shares, “We reserve a number of annual fairs to work for free with charitable entities. We love to work with local organizations in their fundraising efforts with our laughing entertainment. “And our spotlessly clean material is very suitable for church or school audiences.” he concludes.

Joe is also launching an improvisation program for young people in the spring of 2022. “Improv helps young people to feel more comfortable with themselves and with others while exploring their creative side and developing their camaraderie… and while having fun! Improvisation training will help them develop their skills to become more effective communicators, critical thinkers,
curious employees and learners ”, Joe said.

Joe looks forward to continuing the Outcasters’ live, online classes and entertaining Valley residents with their special brand of improv comedy… on demand!

For more information on The Outcasters classes and shows, visit www.TheOutcasters.com

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