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Central New Mexico CC Launches Blockchain Training, A Center of Excellence

CNM Ingenuity, a workforce training-focused non-profit organization created by Central New Mexico Community College, presents accelerated training opportunities for in-demand professional skills in blockchain technology. The organization has partnered with The Blockchain Academy, a consulting firm that offers a wide range of blockchain courses, to launch the initiative.

Designed to serve students in areas such as law, finance, health, and education, the courses offer both an instructor-led program and a self-study program, ranging from an introduction to blockchain-based to more advanced certifications such as Multi-Stack Blockchain Developer.

“Through this tremendous training opportunity, we are providing individuals with the in-demand skills needed to secure jobs in blockchain technology, which is growing across all areas of the economy,” said Bill Halverson, Senior Technology Advisor at CNM Ingenuity, in a statement. “This partnership allows us to stay ahead of the curve and keep these training opportunities up to date with the latest technological advances.”

In addition to the training initiative, the college plans to create a Blockchain Center of Excellence, which “will match CNM blockchain students with community partners with the goal of developing blockchain solutions that help solve local business needs. most urgent of the community, ”according to a statement. announcement. The center will also integrate blockchain projects with work from the college’s Fullstack Web Development, Internet of Things and Data Science bootcamps, with the aim of “providing opportunities for collaboration to develop production-ready blockchain solutions.”

“Blockchain technology is now one of the most sought-after skills in today’s workforce,” commented Ryan Williams, Executive Director of The Blockchain Academy. “From cryptocurrencies and decentralized ledgers to supply chain applications, the technology is being adapted en masse in most industries. Working with partners like CNM Ingenuity helps ensure that blockchain education has an impact and delivers the skills employers are looking for.

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