Focus on Unreal Engine as a creative tool in virtual production

Los Angeles, Nov. 17, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – CG Pro has been named an Unreal Authorized Training Center by Epic Games (Cary, NC), one of the world’s leading interactive entertainment companies and founder of 3D engine technology . CG Pro, (Woodland Hills, CA) is focused on using Epic’s Unreal Engine as a filmmaking tool in the burgeoning field of virtual production.

CG Pro, now entering its second year of online classes, offers an in-depth 8-week program for beginner and intermediate visual effects artists, recently adding courses for advanced users. Fundamentals and useful techniques are taught by leading industry practitioners including Unreal Certified Instructors and Epic Fellows. Tutorials and mentoring sessions are offered to help students overcome any obstacles while creating their own showcase. Class sizes are limited and students, many of whom are already in the TV and film production industries looking to improve their skills or digital artists looking to break into this field, join virtual sessions from all over the world.

Classes for 2022 start in January. Visit the Unreal Course page for current listings:

“With the explosion of virtual production in Hollywood and in movie centers around the world, the demand for visual effects artists mastering Unreal Engine has grown rapidly,” said Edward Dawson-Taylor, Founder and Principal Instructor. “Learning from experienced VFX artists overcomes the obstacle of students trying to master Unreal Engine on their own.

Each participant leaves with a showreel piece to build their portfolio or even to present their first or next film project.

“Laser-focused on implementing Unreal Engine in film and television, CG Pro helps prepare creators for the many opportunities available in the exciting world of virtual production.” said Jeff Peres, director of Unreal Engine partnership, Epic Games. “As the demand for real-time skills increases, we are excited to be able to designate them as an educational resource, and it is a pleasure to welcome them to our family of Unreal Authorized Training Centers. “

Having relationships with research agencies looking to fill studio openings, CG Pro is well positioned to help their students find rewarding careers in the industry. A group of alumni has been formed to help graduates develop their skills and find challenging positions.

Learn more about the Unreal Engine course for advanced users:

CG Pro: Founded as part of Edge Visual Studios, 5 years ago, by Edward Dawson-Taylor and Jacqueline Cooper, CG Pro and Becoming a CG Pro offer Unreal Engine crash courses for visual effects in film and video production. television since late 2020. The school is an Epic accredited training center located in Topanga Canyon, California. Edward is a Certified Unreal Instructor and CG Supervisor for Movies, TV, Commercials, and Live Events, having worked for ILM, Disney, and Digital Domain on blockbusters like Jurassic World, The Lion King, and The Jungle Book. He was previously a software developer / architect with a master’s degree in computer science. Jacqueline, an Epic Fellow, has worked for the world’s top studios such as ILM, Digital Domain and MPC. His work includes high-end images in three of the 10 highest-grossing films of all time.


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CG Pro Recognized as an Unreal Authorized Training Center: Focus on Unreal Engine as a Creative Tool in Virtual Production

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