MC training certificate course in Kalangann

MC training certificate course in Kalangann

Mangalou: “Words have the value of pearls. When an MC holds the microphone, his words should be as pure as pearls. Training like this is a must these days. There is no end to the learning process, as one goes a different world opens up for him provided he has the passion to learn. Thank you for making the most of this training ”; said Professor Dr Ravishankar Rao, HOD of the English Department of the University of Mangalore in his inaugural address.

A training program for the Master of Ceremonies (MC) hosted by Mandd Sobhann was uniquely inaugurated by raising the microphone of a “Gummott” during which the beads fell from the Gummott symbolizing the perfect and precious words coming out of an MC

The course was held for three days from March 5-7 in Kalangann, Shaktinagar. Subsequently, Mahesh Nayak and Vidya Dinkar were the resource persons for the topic “Public speaking and platform management”. On the second day of the Eric Ozario course, Mandd Sobhann Gurkar and the program director spoke about the history of the MC field in Mangalore and also shed light on the Konkani traditions followed in various social programs. This was followed by a session on the characteristics of a good MC by the well known MC in town Lesli Rego. He also shared his experience in the field of MC (good and not so good) during the session.

On the last day of training, the first session was led by Stany Alvares, a senior MC from the city, who explained what a good MC should and shouldn’t do. Afterwards, Victor Mathias presented a PowerPoint presentation showing the photographs of ancient weddings in the Konkani community and also shared his experience in the field of MC.

Alwyn Danthi, Pernal spoke about some of the nuisances that occur in current social celebrations. MC Titus Noronha, poet and MC, guided the participants in the animation of a musical show. MC Evelyn D’Souza spoke about the various traditions followed in different social celebrations. In the afternoon, MC Arun Raj Rodrigues guided the participants on the TV anchor. The last session of the day was moderated by MC Hera Pinto on event management.

The participants were divided into different groups and the practical sessions were conducted where the participants played and played different roles in the different celebrations and also held discussions on the various related topics. Jasmine Lobo introduced all the resource persons of the training program. Rahul Pinto and Reinald Lobo helped with the technical settings of the program. 94 participants from different districts such as Dakshina Kannada, Uttara Kannada, Udupi and Hassan took part in the training program. Queenie D’Costa and Arun Menezes shared their training experience.

Mandd Sobhann President Louis J Pinto, committee members Naveen Lobo, Kishore Fernandes, Bannu Fernandes, Alron Rodrigues, Rony Crasta, Sunil Monteiro, Laveena Danthy and Clara D’Cunnha were present and assisted throughout the training program.

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