Hyderabad man becomes first dwarf in India to obtain a driver’s license

Hyderabad: Gattipally Shivpal, originally from Hyderabad, became the country’s first dwarf to obtain a driver’s license.

The 42-year-old man with a height of around one meter beat all odds and became the first to graduate as a disabled person in his district of Karimnagar. Shivpal graduated in 2004.

Speaking to ANI, Shivpal said, “People used to tease me because of my height and today I am nominated for the Limca record book and many others. Lots of short people contact me for one. driver training. “

The very ambitious man said he decided to set up a driving school for people with physical disabilities next year.

Shivpal is currently working in a private company here and says he came to Hyderabad in 2000. “I am the oldest of the brothers and the only dwarf in the family,” he added.

Recounting his struggles to find a job to support himself in the city, Shivpal said he was first featured in a daily movie and soap opera, but couldn’t stay in the industry for long.

“People weren’t ready to offer me a job because I was disabled. Thanks to a friend, I got a job in a private company and now I’ve been working here for 20 years,” he said. declared.

“To commute, every time I booked a cab they would cancel the ride. When I was going out with my wife, people would make bad comments. That’s when I decided to own a car. and drive it, ”he added.

Enthusiastic about learning to drive, Shivpal surfed the internet and found a video uploaded by a man in the United States. He explained to her the modifications required in a car to raise the seat and other equipment to its height.

After modifying a car, Shivpal learned driving from a friend. However, his struggles did not end there, as obtaining a permit posed another challenge as the transportation department had certain height guidelines.

Shivpal said that after appealing to the authorities, he was granted a learner’s license for three months and then received a driver’s license after passing a proper driving test with an official sitting next to him.

“Everyone has flaws, but finding your hidden talents and realizing them is what matters,” he noted.

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