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“There was a time when my daughter wouldn’t allow me to approach her house, and I understand that today,” Sanders said. “It was because of my addiction, but today she stands by my side a million percent in everything I do.”

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Sanders never thought she was worthy of the kind of love she now has from her daughter, friends and followers at Exodus Homes.

“Today they let me know that they love me for who I am,” she said. “They love me for what I have done. They love me for what I do and they love me for what I’m about to do.

Sanders is happy to share her success story, leading the directions for new residents of Exodus Homes. She lets them know if she can do it, so can they. She loves to remind them, no matter what is in their past, it is what they do in the present with the help of Exodus Homes that will determine their future.

“God kept showing me that I was still somebody no matter what I did in the past,” Sanders said. “I can’t change this, but it doesn’t define who I am.”

She reminds everyone during orientation that the journey is difficult.

“Every day won’t be a good day, but it’s better than being on the streets doing illegal things and putting this poison in your body,” she said.

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