City to install cameras that record license plate numbers

WYOMING, Michigan (AP) – A city in western Michigan plans to install a dozen cameras that will record license plate numbers.

The effort in Wyoming is aimed at solving and reducing violent crime, reported.

The 12 automatic license plate recognition cameras will be installed within two months at six intersections. They will capture the video as well as each license plate and the make, model and colors of vehicles passing by.

Camera locations can be changed.

“Right now we have about six or seven police officers on the street, and it’s difficult for us to be everywhere all the time,” Wyoming Police Chief Kim Koster told the newspaper. ” We need help. We need technology to help us in that regard, and license plate readers are something that we have started to see in use by other agencies. “

License plate numbers or descriptions of vehicles involved in crimes can be entered into a system that will notify officers if and when vehicles matching the plates or descriptions are detected passing through intersections equipped with cameras, said Koster.

The system will primarily be used for major crime investigations, including crimes against persons, as well as for assistance in the search for stolen vehicles. The system will not be used for traffic control.

“One way to reduce crime is to solve crime, and especially violent crime or crimes against people,” Koster said. “I’m researching this technology to provide us and our investigators with leads and evidence that will help us close cases that might otherwise go unresolved. “

Data and images captured by the system are only stored for 30 days, according to

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