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CBSE, with the aim of helping teachers facing disruption in education due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, has launched a free online teacher training certificate program that can be taken by educators . The Central Council for Secondary Education says the move will ensure improved professional development through digital means.

“Technology-based teacher training / programs can take a very wide variety of forms, with the attendant benefits of convenience, scalability and adaptability. As a result, the CBSE conceptualized technology-focused teacher training on a pilot basis starting from the 3rd week of April 2020 and organized over 500 free online training sessions by 15 CBSE-COEs. More than 35,000 teachers and principals from various regions of the country and abroad have participated in these programs, ”said a statement from the CBSE.

What is CBSE’s Free Online Teacher Training Program?

The board says that based on the overwhelming response they have received from educators across the country, they will expand the teacher training program to encourage more teachers to participate. Each online training session will last one hour and an electronic certificate will also be issued to participants. Participation in five sessions will be considered as a full day of training.

The Center of Excellence (COE) assigned to teacher training has scheduled nearly 1,200 online sessions this month, according to the CBSE. “Schools are encouraged to encourage their teachers to participate in on-going online training programs run by centers of excellence and to contact relevant centers of excellence,” explains the CBSE. Foreign schools affiliated with the council can also participate in the online training.

The goal that CBSE aims to achieve through the free teacher training program is to help teachers nationwide achieve better learning outcomes, to upgrade teachers with the latest knowledge, and also to help them update their existing knowledge and make it more practical. Those wishing to learn more about the free online teacher training program by CBSE are encouraged to go through the notification in detail.

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