AA launches environmental training certificate for advertising professionals

Advertising and marketing professionals are invited to participate in new training which will provide key information on how the industry can become environmentally sustainable.

The Advertising Association’s new course, launched today, offers training on the history of climate change, a practical guide for staff and organizations on how to act at work, and tips on how to change business. creative briefs to include more lasting messages.

It will also examine rules and regulations related to environmental matters, including how to avoid producing work with misleading claims, known as “greenwashing”. It will also provide information on the AA’s Ad Net Zero initiative, launched last year.

Completing the 10-hour program, known as The Essentials Certificate, will make staff feel better equipped to help the industry achieve zero net carbon emissions in advertising operations by 2030, said the AA.

The training is open to UK and international staff and is accessible through the IPA, which runs the Ad Net Zero program alongside the AA and ISBA.

Designed by over 20 advertising and sustainability experts, the course is divided into five modules, including tests and a multiple choice final exam, and costs between £ 60 and £ 120.

Sebastian Munden, Chairman of Ad Net Zero and Executive Vice Chairman and Managing Director of Unliver for the UK and Ireland, said: “The urgent challenge of climate change requires a fundamental and systemic response from our industry to changing the way we work in order to change the work we do.

“This new training comes at the right time for us to empower ourselves as individuals to learn and practice techniques and approaches that are all geared towards positive climate action. I encourage everyone in our industry, from brands to agency teams, from sales teams to media owners to ad technology providers, to take the time to earn this certificate.

Stephanie Lambert, Industry Manager, FMCG at Facebook, who is an Ad Net Zero supporter, added: The role marketing plays in supporting the shift to more sustainable consumption and lifestyles.

“We are excited to deploy the strong Ad Net Zero training qualification to our sales and marketing teams to equip them with this knowledge and enable them to be the best partner for our customers. “

According to a recent survey by the Chartered Institute of Marketing, around half of marketers are concerned about implementing sustainability marketing campaigns, fearing that their company or their customers may be accused of “greenwashing”.

At the same time, the study found that more than half (55%) of businesses and marketers’ clients recognize sustainability as a business priority, with 51% saying climate change could threaten the very existence of their business or their customers.

The AA is holding a two-day summit next week on November 3-4, coinciding with COP26, to mark Ad Net Zero’s first year.

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