Want personalized Croatian license plates? Here are the fees

October 9, 2022 – Have you ever thought about getting personalized Croatian license plates? HAK Revija breaks down the procedure and associated costs depending on the vehicle in question.

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes, how Croatian license plates are supposed to look like here in Croatia isn’t exactly some sort of big question or riddle. Everyone knows what they look like, it seems at first that they do, at least. However, there have been many disputes and controversies behind the scenes over precisely this issue, especially since the country joined the European Union in July 2013.

Some needed to “finish off” their Croatian number plates bearing the new EU labels then by sticking small rectangular stickers on them with a blue background and the letters HR surrounded by stars.

What Croatian license plates must look like for vehicles in this country is of course defined by regulations. The rulebook (pravlnik) on vehicle registration and licensing is very dry and clear, but if you’re one of those people with a real license plate fetish, you might want to customize your own. For example, your child’s date of birth and initials (ZG 1010 AG). Perhaps the craze for a certain British secret agent necessitates that the plate bear the inscriptions ZG 007 JB. The vehicle owner can order his personalized Croatian license plates with a predetermined registration number, provided that the requested registration number is of course available. Remember that the registration number of custom-made license plates cannot contain the Croatian letters Č, Ć, Đ, Š and Ž. It’s a problem if your initials have one of these letters.

Personalized Croatian license plates – how much does it cost to make your wish come true these days? HAK Revija states that the price for individually made license plates with pre-determined number and alphabet markings made to order is:

1. License plates – one pair – 278.00 kuna.
2. A registration plate for a vehicle, including tractors and working machines, to which plates under serial number 1 of this article cannot be attached – one piece – 166.00 kuna
3. Number plates for motorcycles and quadricycles – one piece – 166.00 kuna.

4. Registration plates for mopeds and light quadricycles – one piece – 166.00 kuna.
5. License plates – replacement of a damaged plate – one piece – 166.00 kuna.

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Milton S. Rodgers