Wacker Innsbruck: License refused – Termination of contract with four players

Second Division side FC Wacker Innsbruck was approved by the Austrian Bundesliga protest committee today He refused the following season for financial reasons in the second division. Now, the club still has the option to appeal the decision again via the still-impartial arbitral tribunal.

Kevin Rady, President:
“We are currently studying all possible options and solutions in order to appeal the judgment within the next eight days (limit of the arbitral tribunal). If we can find solutions, we will of course try to present them to the Board of Referees and thus obtain the approval of the second section. Key decisions so that, if the worst should happen, the club has a future in the regional league next year. We will not give up and will do everything in our power to ensure the sustainability of FC Wacker Innsbruck!

Termination of the contract of four players
After professional division players FC Wacker Innsbruck were given a grace period to pay their unpaid wages and the club was unable to make payments by midnight yesterday, Clemens Hopmann, Rafael Galli , Fabio Markic and Darigo Grujic reported FC Wacker Innsbruck on this. . Inform about early departure from work. Therefore, all four players will not be available to the club with immediate effect.

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Milton S. Rodgers