UVision announces the opening of its new production and training center in Virginia, USA

Virginia, USA, October 6, 2022 – UVision Air Ltd. – a global leader in wandering aerial munitions systems of all sizes, for a variety of missions – announced that the opening of its new factory in Virginia for the production of HERO systems has been brought forward, due to the high volume of orders already received. The official groundbreaking ceremony was held on October 6 at the new facility located at 600 Corporate Drive, Stafford VA, attended by Stafford County leaders, industry partners and various customers.

UVision USA Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of UVision Air Ltd., plays a vital role in the continued global expansion of UVision’s operations. Signifying the company’s increased commitment to the US market, this initiative will create jobs in Virginia, making a significant contribution to the US labor market. The opening of the 25,000 square foot facility located at the Quantico Corporate Center will allow UVision to increase its local production capacity, further enhance its high-level, rapid response to U.S. customers, and increase supply from international clients – either directly or through government – to government initiatives.

Stafford County Griffis-Widewater District Supervisor Tinesha Allen said, “Welcome to UVision USA in Stafford County. We congratulate UVision Air Ltd on the expansion and opening of its US headquarters, as well as the new product and training facility located in Stafford County. We are proud to have this small, specialized company serving our US military combat operations. UVision is an asset to our growing and diverse tech economy. Thank you for your investment in Stafford.

“Following the signing of our latest contract with a Latin American country and the growing demand for mobile weapon systems around the world, we have decided to bring forward the opening of our new production plant in Virginia, United States,” said Major General (Retired). Avi Mizrachi, CEO of UVision. “The opening of the factory will enable local production of the company’s systems, reinforcing UVision’s overall commitment to the US Armed Forces and the US economy, and creating new jobs for local residents. Additionally, UVision USA will increase and strengthen our collaborations with academic institutions and local businesses, further supporting plant operations.

Photo courtesy of UVision

Milton S. Rodgers