U.S. and Costa Rican groups launch Cannabis: Science, Education, & Training Center in $52 million state-of-the-art facility

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Chem-ID / Cann-ID of Austin, TX, Partners with Costa Rican Groups ROCO Plants and Vida Afortunada to Launch Cannabis and Hemp Research, Training and Research Center

We are honored to have secured this beautiful place where academic, scientific and industrial professionals from around the world can collaborate on hands-on research and best practices.

— D. Cree Crawford – Program Co-Director

GUANACASTE, COSTA RICA, August 2, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Directors of Chem-ID (Cann ID / Ionization Labs) and ROCO Plants / Vida Afortunada of Costa Rica, announce the opening of the Cannabis Industrial and Scientific Center of the Americas or “CISCA” www.CSICA.org. CSICA will continuously host industry experts from around the world with a focus on the various elements of the cannabis industry. Topics include; research, development, testing, analytical chemistry, data science, lighting, extraction, cultivation, soils, product processing, media, marketing and even culinary education programs will be offered in specialized kitchens located in the centre. Participating organizations and professionals will commit to educating and sharing best practices with local people in the Costa Rican, LATAM and Caribbean markets who wish to enter the cannabis industry. Several industry-focused events will be hosted at the Center with ongoing media content production to support the efforts. The center’s management will also manage opportunities to showcase industry-relevant products and companies, as well as securing a sponsor for the center’s “naming rights.” LATAM headquarters of Chem-ID as well as the new Costa Rican Cannabis Association, member of the National Hemp Association https://nationalhempassociation.org The Standing Committee of International Hemp Organizations will be located on site.

The center (CSICA) is conveniently located minutes from the Liberia International Airport at the Mercado Chorotega regional wholesale market and offers state of the art agricultural processing and storage and houses several individual 1,600 square foot warehouses/offices and an auditorium . which will be used for education and training presentations by industry leaders around the world.

Earlier this year, directors; Dan O’Bryan of ROCO Plants and Chem-ID/Ionization Labs co-founder D. Cree Crawford produced a successful hemp/cannabis-focused educational event in San Jose, Costa Rica called “The Cannabis Science and Industry Congress” https://www.thecannabiscongress.net. The successful inaugural event attracted over a thousand attendees and featured over forty industry expert speakers, including leading cannabis physicians from around the world. The event also included a special keynote address from National Hemp Association President Geoff Whaling and introduced major industry sponsor Hyrofarm, a publicly traded US agri-products company. The duo met the previous year, when presenting educational and industry solutions to Costa Rican government legislators in support of the nation’s recent national legalization of hemp and medical marijuana.

O’Bryan’s and Crawford’s missions continued to align and sparked discussions on how to further support Costa Rica in the next chapter of its agricultural history. The concept of deploying a “Center of Excellence” providing a platform to attract industry experts from around the world to speak and deliver industry specific training to local professionals in Costa Rica and other other professionals in the Central and South American region was born.

“The next chapter for us in the effort to support a successful launch and support of cannabis in Costa Rica is our focus on developing and expanding the center and its research and education offerings. We have established a mutually beneficial relationship with PIMA and have an incredible showcase location from which we will draw the best of the best in our industry worldwide and use this center as a platform for education, research and to train the inaugural generation of cannabis industry professionals here in our beautiful country,” says Daniel O’Bryan

Last week, Daniel O’Bryan of Roco Plants presented the results of his 24-month study on the viability of government-contracted hemp and cannabis. These cultivation studies were carried out at the government research station in Cañas and were presented to members of Costa Rica’s MAG (Ministry of Agriculture) at the new center.

CSICA will host industry educational events with presentations from industry experts open to the public throughout the year. It will also produce two major industry events per year. The first event scheduled for September will be an open house for the farming community in Costa Rica. The second will be the 2nd Annual Cannabis Science and Industry Convention, scheduled for March 2023, following the success of last year’s original inaugural event.

“We are actively screening applications from organizations and individuals who wish to apply as ‘incubated’ participants in this unique incubator program. We want to ensure that we include the best the industry can offer to support this new opportunity for Costa Rica.We are honored to have secured a platform where academic, scientific and industry professionals from around the world can come and collaborate.Applications that can be initiated through our site at; https://csica.org/application-information , says Crawford. “Our incubator spaces will house our program participants throughout the year. We are also actively seeking a major analytical lab partner as part of efforts to deploy a premier cannabis lab to support a regional hub. LATAM test and research, he adds.

Anticipating the great need for testing, the Center will soon offer the Costa Rican public the globally proven cannabis potency testing and research solution called Cann-ID. www.CannID.com. This service will offer valuable, inexpensive, and high-quality potency testing of hemp and cannabis flowers and products, including CBD and THC. Cann-ID was deployed in the laboratory of the Ministry of Agriculture of Costa Rica for several months before its transfer to CSICA. Cann-ID is a solution developed by a USDA/DEA registered laboratory and deployed in twenty US states and four countries for commercial and government applications. The solution provides detailed cannabinoid testing for fourteen advanced chemicals. The Chem-ID/Cann-ID chemical data platform is hardware independent and supports data acquisition and management of all cannabis chemical testing requirements required for commercial and government regulatory applications required by the industry. USDA and DEA. Its ability to interface with all major manufacturers of analytical equipment makes it a powerful and versatile industrial support solution focused on public safety, compliance and quality control.

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