Tony Ferguson compares choice of training partners to video games

Tony Ferguson took the time to speak to FanSided on UFC 238 media day on Thursday about his training camp.

On Thursday afternoon, the stars of the upcoming UFC 238 fight card took part in a media day. One fighter who spoke with FanSided was former interim lightweight champion Tony Ferguson. Ferguson opened up about his upcoming fight with Donald Cerrone and what happened in his training camp for that fight.

“I grew up playing video games, and when you grow up playing video games like RPGs, role-playing games, you have a different type of character that you have and for each person that you are going to fight and fight, you have to choose your team, “Ferguson explained.” I can’t get everyone out there all the time, having like 30 or 40 people is too much. What I do, I have my crew, they are still on standby, every time I make a phone call here they come to save the day.

Cerrone is known for his entertaining fighting style and “anyone, anytime” attitude. Coming into this fight that could crown the next title challenger, Ferguson had to choose his training partners wisely.

“We’re more about a standing fighter, so I brought some of my standing training partners back,” Ferguson said. “I try to stay in unison with these guys and they have their fighters, so some of the people I’ve coached have their own style of training, but that fits into everything, so when they leave it does coaching with other people, they are honing their skills acquired over the years.When you don’t work together, it works because you don’t get used to each other.

UFC 238 takes place on Saturday, June 8 at the United Center in Chicago, IL. The event will be available on Pay-Per-View with previews on ESPN. Stay tuned to FanSided all weekend for nonstop UFC 238 coverage and news.

Milton S. Rodgers

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