The Central Valley Training Center partners with the Fresno Economic Opportunities Commission to help cultivate positive change in their community

STOCKTON, Calif./ACCESSWIRE/February 2, 2022/ The professionals at Central Valley Training Center are pleased to announce that they have partnered with the Fresno Economic Opportunities Commission through CVTC’s Paid Internship Program. As one of the nation’s largest community action agencies, Fresno helps bridge the gap between job opportunities and underserved populations. With more than 1,200 full-time and part-time paid staff, the people of Fresno EOC help transform lives through a wide range of comprehensive programs, including educational services, job training, crisis intervention, crisis and job opportunities in the community.

“Fresno EOC has been providing transportation services to CVTC participants for many years. However, looking to the future, we want to strengthen our community ties by also providing various job opportunities through our paid internship program. Recruits will now be able to help with much-needed tasks at the COU bus station, which also include maintaining the COU properties.”

EOC is currently recruiting for several positions, including driving opportunities. While some positions require a special license, Fresno offers a driver training program where individuals can upgrade their licenses to a Class B commercial license. The COU will also provide passenger endorsement training, which is required to drive vehicles with excess passengers on board.

“We are so grateful to our community partners who are willing to provide employment opportunities for Central Valley Training Center participants. We look forward to working closely with Fresno as we continue to help individuals find their independence. “

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Central Valley Training Center is a curriculum-based support center focused on providing individuals with the skills necessary for integration into the community. Through self-advocacy and job training, program participants gain valuable life experience and are recognized for their ongoing accomplishments. With proven methods of support, the Central Valley Training Center team helps individuals lead better lives.

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