TESDA will open a bigger automotive training center in June 2022

Have you ever wanted to tinker with your engine problems, impress a girl by fixing her car, or even moonlight as an auto mechanic, but don’t know where to go or can’t find any available slots?

Fret not because there will be no shortage of opportunities or niches with this new partnership between TESDA (Technical Education and Skills Development Authority) and Petron.

The deal for a TESDA-Petron Automotive Service Center or TPCCC was formalized late last week, which will benefit hundreds of Filipinos every year. As part of this collaboration, a larger automotive training center will be built and is expected to be completed by June 2022. Petron will also provide TESDA with modern technical knowledge and programs, which include updating training regulations for their car maintenance courses. Currently, TESDA offers 37 automotive courses. It accounts for 18.5% of all TESDA courses.

“(This partnership) is timely as the country has eased restrictions. We can now accommodate students at 100% capacity. Approximately 25 students can be accommodated per class,” said TESDA General Secretary Isidro Lapeña.

The soon-to-open state-of-the-art facility will be able to train 250 students a year and with plans to set up more TPCCC branches in Visayas and Mindanao, more Filipinos will have the opportunity to register and get jobs as auto mechanics.

“There are people you see around you who would say they got a job through TESDA. You could see the results immediately, like some of the graduates who got a job,” Lapeña added.

In addition to its commitment as a partner of TPCCC, Petron has also expressed its willingness to hire people who take these courses. “We are very happy to employ TESDA graduates,” said Petron Corporation Vice President of Sales Virgilio Centeno.

Milton S. Rodgers