Superior Restaurant, First Pool Destination Approved for Liquor License – Boulder Daily Camera

The senior board on Monday approved a new hotel and restaurant license for a venue that will also serve as a top destination for pool players.

Pharaoh’s American Grill, under Memphis Cue Bar LLC, has applied for a license for the location at 404 Marshall Road.

Hamid David Motarjemi, a seasoned restaurateur, is the owner of the business. He has renovated and operated several entertainment venues in Denver and Evergreen.

Motarjemi told the board that a shooting in May near a building on North Broadway in Denver, which he recently sold, prompted him to find a location out of town, settling on the Marshall Road location.

“They dropped the murder weapon in my trash can outside my door,” he said. “It got to the point where at my age I needed to make some changes, so here I am.”

With a master’s degree in electrical engineering and computer science from Northeastern University, Motarjemi worked on supercomputers and developed cockpit instruments for Boeing Aircraft, then owned a semiconductor testing company, which prompted his move. in Colorado in 1995.

A career lull in 2000 turned into an opportunity for Motarjemi to purchase and renovate a building in downtown Denver at 2101 Champa Street.

“I had the crazy idea of ​​remodeling it, and then I was like, ‘Well, what am I going to do with it?’ So, I turned it into an event center, where we did wedding and dance classes, and it was quite a fun project,” he told the board.

In 2011 Motarjemi purchased and reopened the former landmark Dick’s Hickory Dock in Kittredge.

Underlining his commitment to the higher community, Motarjemi informed the board of directors of his pending purchase of two residential properties, one of which will be his primary residence and the second which he intends to use as a family home. hosts for visiting pool players.

Motarjemi told the council he plans to serve American dishes and traditional bar food, as well as gluten-free and vegan dishes cooked with cholesterol-free oil, and plans to keep the kitchen open until midnight. Locally recruited staff will be certified in Intervention Procedures Training (TIPS).

Eva Garretson, owner of third-party petitioner Liquor Pros, presented the council with the results of a survey of the needs and wants of 331 neighboring businesses and residents. Garretson got the respondents’ unanimous approval for the restaurant and liquor license.

“Most people were excited to have this building filled with something new, and with classic American fare, they were looking forward to that,” Garretson said. “Even though there are other outlets of a similar nature, we believe this still meets the desire of the neighborhood.”

“Thank you for choosing to invest here in Superior,” Mayor Clint Folsom said before council unanimously approved the bid. “You have a very impressive history of past endeavors, and we admire your desire to take properties and improve them. And I can’t wait to learn how to play pool properly because I myself struggled with that.

Milton S. Rodgers