SkillUp Together Fund Doubles Training Partners and Expands Program Offering to Help Displaced Workers

SAN FRANCISCO, September 28, 2021 / PRNewswire / – The SkillUp Together Fund today announced an ambitious expansion of its national effort to provide training and job placement assistance for millions of American workers displaced by the continuing economic impacts of the recession. In the past six months, they have awarded $ 500,000 in grants to people looking for new skills to secure in-demand jobs. The SkillUp Together Fund is a initiative the national social impact nonprofit SkillUp coalition, founded in 2020 to create pathways of economic mobility for more than 40 million workers across the country.

“Workers who embark on the path of acquiring skills leading to in-demand jobs face many challenges; find a high quality program that leads to a good job, complete those rigorous programs and provide for themselves and their families, ”said Beth davis, vice president of training and analysis at the SkillUp Coalition. “The fund aims to help workers by finding partners who are at the top of their field and by offering financial support to help workers cope with the financial burden of retraining. essential role that financial support can play in helping displaced workers regain financial stability. “

As part of its expansion, the SkillUp Together Fund has welcomed six new training providers to its platform: skills seekers will now be able to access training for positions in demand, including HVAC technicians, medical assistants and electricians. Austin Career Institute, Climbing rental, Create coding careers, Forge Now, NPower, and Power America. To support this effort, commitments of more than $ 1 million new financial partners, including the Charles D. and Mary A. Bauer Foundation, Foundation of the Macquarie group, and Logistics district of the victory of Mark IV Capital.

NPower’s Tech Fundamentals program not only helps individuals move from ‘hourly’ to ‘paid’ employment, but also moves them to high mobility occupational groups where they have much greater opportunities for growth – and to become more immune to economic upheavals like another pandemic, “said Bertina ceccarelli, CEO of NPower. “We are thrilled to be part of the SkillUp ecosystem of training providers and to have the opportunity to connect more members of our community to quality jobs and a path to self-sufficiency. ”

The SkillUp Together Fund provides financial support to workers who enroll in training programs that can lead to careers in demand in growing industries. Workers who enroll in programs offered by our partners eligible for the fund and who are 18 years of age or older and earn less $ 40,000 one year and have less than a bachelor’s degree are eligible for grants provided by the SkillUp Together Fund. In the past six months, the fund has awarded more than 500 grants to learners across the country, many of whom have now graduated from their respective programs. The SkillUp Together Fund partners with training providers whose retention, completion and placement rates are at the top of their category, typically completion rates close to 90%, placement rates over 80% and an average of at least $ 20,000 in annual salary increases.

“I was working on the third team and I was training full time. The SkillUp grant helped me pay my rent a month earlier, so I didn’t have to worry about it while my program ended, ”said Brianna griffin, a graduate of Per Scholas and recipient of a SkillUp Together Fund who now works at Encore Technologies. “Before that I was a goalie. I knew I could do more, I just never knew what to do when it came to my career. I just wanted a work-life balance and I knew that I could do it with this program. I am really grateful for this program – it has changed my life. ”

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About the SkillUp Coalition

Founded in july 2020, SkillUp Coalition is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization that helps displaced workers develop the knowledge, confidence, skills and training needed to land high-growth jobs in industries. The coalition brings together more than 60 leading organizations, including training and education providers, technology developers, policy makers, employers and philanthropic organizations. The SkillUp ecosystem provides career navigation, training and employer relations, career coaching and financial support to build a more inclusive economy for all workers. For more information, please visit

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