Rockingham PCYC Automotive Students Earn Vocational Training Certificate

Local Rockingham students have successfully completed their Certificate I in Automotive Vocational Training at the Police and Community Youth Center.

The ceremony took place last Thursday in the presence of family and staff to congratulate the young graduates on their achievements.

The Rockingham PCYC Institute of Training has had great success with its automotive course, helping young people gain the skills and confidence they need to continue their education, training, employment or transition into a school environment.

Students on the course have been invited to help build a drag car through the Youth Affairs Council of Western Australia grant scheme.

Camera iconThe car course now has a growing waiting list. Credit: Provided

Automotive trainer Brenden Cosgrove said the program aims to provide hands-on learning, but also a “comprehensive service” that looks at any barriers that might get in the way of student success while completing the course.

“The global service aims to provide breakfast, lunches, student pick-up and drop-off – it’s more than just hands-on learning,” Mr. Cosgrove said.

“We go over shop safety procedures, which is very important, how to properly use and care for tools, engine construction, maintenance, brakes, changing tires, wiring, installation of the car radio, (the course) covers a bit of everything.

“It gives them the skills to work in the industry, there are a lot of different apprenticeships available now.”

The motor course has a growing waiting list, with a number of new youngsters keen to take part in the programme.

Rockingham PCYC hopes to add a Certificate II in Automotive Vocational Training later this year.

Milton S. Rodgers