Preparatory wrestling: Elite training partners keep Lebanese Brown prepared | High school

It’s no surprise that football is his future.

“But he sees wrestling as a way to stay fit and get better and stronger and it’s great that these guys are helping him,” Cox said.

A growth spurt of about two inches and natural extra weight in the spring and last summer pushed Brown up to the 220 pound class.

Brown said many wrestlers at 220 like to grab their heads and “roll”.

“Me wrestling at 195, that was all for me to shoot and create space,” he said. “It helps me to be able to have a good quick shot against these big guys because they’re a little slower on their feet so it really helps. “

Trask, a teacher, says Brown is still the same wrestler in style with the extra weight, just bigger, faster and stronger. This gives him an advantage over opponents who are not used to this athleticism.

Trask said he saw the biggest improvement in Brown’s tactical ability.

“He wrestles a lot smarter now. He understands his opponents and what to do, ”said the coach. “He stopped relying only on the moves he knew and opened up, started learning more and adjusting in high school and it was really good for him.”

Urrutia, an All-American in South Oregon and now in law school, provides Brown with some of his best challenges and training in the practice room.

Milton S. Rodgers

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