Plasterboard training center to upgrade Pinoy installers

Knauf established the first plasterboard training center in the Philippines, located in Bagumbayan, Quezon City.

Knauf Gypsum Philippines, one of the country’s leading gypsum board and jointing compound manufacturers, recently opened the country’s first gypsum board training center.

The Knauf Academy is envisioned to fill the void regarding the demand for more skilled workers in the construction industry in the Philippines.

Mark Sergio, Managing Director of Knauf Philippines, said that with the training center, the company can improve the capacity, manufacturing quality and skills of Filipino installers and provide the best customer experience for its architects, developers and contractors. -partners”,

Located on Lot 35, Block 11, Eulogio Rodriguez Jr. Avenue, Bagumbayan, Quezon City, Knauf Academy will help learners acquire both theoretical knowledge and practical skills in standard drywall and ceiling installation .

The 16-hour session will instill the fundamental knowledge and practical skills of interior wall and ceiling system installations to help secure employment and hopefully enhance the skills of Filipinos to make them more attractive targets among the players in the construction industry.

Module 1 consists of an introduction to plasterboard where trainees will learn about its history, production process, advantages, different types of plasterboard, handling and storage, repair and cutting.

Modules 2 and 3 involve teaching trainees to install a standard concealed partition and ceiling system, where they are introduced to drywall, stud layout, standard partition components and tools, and installation instructions. other procedures. This is also the phase where trainees are introduced to hands-on training that involves actual instruction and application of what they have learned.

Module 4 covers taping and joining, types of joining products used and level of finish, do’s and don’ts of joining, application procedures, deviations and joint checking, then practical training by actual application.

Upon completion of training, trainees should be oriented with basic safety protocols, determine the different types of gypsum board and their appropriate applications, become familiar with the components of a standard drywall and ceiling system, understand drywall and ceiling installation methodology, detail connections and techniques, learn the quick and easy way to repair gypsum board, and avoid damage and waste through proper handling and storage of gypsum board.

The Knauf Academy is open to aspiring drywall and ceiling installers who wish to further their knowledge of plasterboard installation, architects, engineers, interior designers, students and other construction industry partners.

Milton S. Rodgers