New Mesa Business License Enables Improved Communication To Support Businesses

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To better serve and support local businesses, the town of Mesa will begin issuing a General Business License on January 3, 2022. The first 1,000 small businesses eligible to apply for and receive a Mesa Business License will be offered a two-year membership in the Arizona Small Business Association (ASBA) – valued at $ 198 – through the city’s economic development office.

Mesa’s business license, which has been the subject of discussion for years and is supported by the Mesa Chamber of Commerce, will enable the city to provide timely information and news essential to running a business, in especially in an emergency. In addition, the license will serve as a starting point for obtaining other permits and code requirements for doing business in Mesa.

New Mesa Business License Enables Improved Communication To Support Az Business Signals

“The early days of the pandemic reinforced our need to quickly and easily connect to businesses in Mesa,” said Mayor John Giles. “The new licensing process is an important step in better understanding our small business community and connecting them with tools, resources and other media on an ongoing basis. “

The business license application fee is $ 10. As an incentive to apply early, the city’s economic development office will sponsor up to 1,000 small businesses with less than 100 employees to receive special ASBA membership in 2022. The small business advocacy group is focusing on l ‘education, mentoring and training and offers business leads, networking events and discounted services, such as digital marketing and shipping.

“The success of small businesses is integral to the economic success of the city,” said Bill Jabjiniak, director of economic development for the city of Mesa. “Being able to communicate with business owners about available resources, such as grants and free technical assistance, is important in helping our small businesses be successful. “

Mesa joins several large Arizona municipalities – including Scottsdale, Chandler and Gilbert – demanding that businesses be licensed or registered in their respective communities. Businesses should display the license where it is visible, which helps build customer confidence and validates a business’s presence in the community.

“We are supporting the city supporting this new license because we see the value of a license to our business community,” said Sally Harrison, President and CEO of the Mesa Chamber of Commerce.

The Mesa business license application will be posted online. Licenses are valid for 12 months from the date of issue. Most businesses that collect sales tax, service businesses, and home businesses will need to obtain the license. Certain exemptions apply, including occasional business activities and businesses designated by Arizona state law.

Business owners can find more information and a list of frequently asked questions on the City’s licensing page:

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