New $6.4 Million Federal Grant to Help Establish New Workforce Training Center in Northern New Mexico

While New Mexico’s unemployment rate fell in June, the state still has a low labor force participation problem. This is according to a recent law report. But a new $6.4 million federal bailout grant could help more people access training and better-paying jobs.

The funds will help create the Northern New Mexico Workforce Inclusion Network, a training program aimed at creating pathways to higher-paying jobs in healthcare, construction and construction. It will focus on Latin American and Indigenous communities, formerly incarcerated people, and those recovering from substance use disorders.

U.S. Representative Teresa Leger Fernández (D-NM) says nearly all state institutions serve minorities, but they are often underfunded.

“We know that these institutions have been excluded from funding for both workforce training and research,” she said.

The new network will partner with local community colleges, unions and employers to deliver apprenticeships in traditional and mobile classrooms to reach more communities.

“We want them both to have higher skills and higher pay,” Léger Fernandez said. “

Currently, the funds are focused on the northern half of the state, but there are plans to expand to other areas in the future.

Milton S. Rodgers