Mid-State celebrates $ 5 million milestone for new training facility

By Brandi Makuski

Mid-State Technical College has reached the $ 5 million fundraising threshold for a new cutting-edge manufacturing, engineering technology and learning center planned in the city’s industrial park.

The college and its business partners gathered on September 17 to celebrate this milestone over lunch. Intermediate State President Dr Shelly Mondeik announced that after months of private fundraising efforts from large corporations and organizations, the fundraising campaign has moved on to the next phase of fundraising. of public funds.

The fundraiser will help build the new 53,000-square-foot high-tech training center, which will work with students from traditional technical colleges, but will also offer advanced programs for high school students, training for tenured workers and demonstrations of new equipment and technological advancements for the Wisconsin Business Center.

“We are inspired and overwhelmed by the influx of support from businesses, organizations, school districts, government agencies and, of course, students who brought us to this first major fundraising step,” said Mondeik.

With an opening slated for late 2023, the center will be critical to meeting Wisconsin’s critical advanced manufacturing, engineering technology and learning needs and is expected to serve more than 1,500 people per year, according to the vice president. from the CSTM, Bobbi Damrow.

“This project will usher in the necessary skills related to Industry 4.0,” she said, referring to the fourth industrial revolution characterized by the continuous automation of traditional manufacturing and industrial practices. Damrow is the campaign manager, working on the project alongside local campaign leaders Wayne Bushman, Joe Kinsella and Scott Groholski.

“This exciting new facility will enable Mid-State to produce the skilled workers needed to address Wisconsin’s labor shortage and aid in local, state and national economic recovery,” Damrow said, adding that the The economic impact calculated by the project exceeds $ 3 million. each year in terms of the short- and long-term economic impact on students for central Wisconsin.

The plan calls for the offer of new university programs in the center, including that of Automated Systems Technician, Manufacturing Technician, Mechanical Design, Welding Certificate, and Quality and Lean Certificates. Intermediate state programs that will be expanded or transferred to the site include Civil Engineering Technology – Road Technician, Machine Tool Technician, and the following apprenticeships: Electrical and Instrumentation Technician, Electrician, Blacksmith, Machinist, and Counting Technician.

To learn more, view the list of contributors to date, or donate to the Advanced Manufacturing, Engineering Technology and Apprenticeship Center campaign, visit mstc.edu/partner.

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