Marie Weasel Obtains Nursing Home Administrator’s License | Glacier Journalist

“I’m the type of person who likes to do my job and not be in the spotlight,” Marie Weasel said. In some ways, the spotlight has been looking for her over the past two weeks, starting with obtaining a full license to administer the Blackfeet Care Centre, then receiving a standing cap transfer to the blood supply in Canada. .

Marie started her administration training about a year ago and found that it involved a lot of memorization.

“I had an 800-page manual that I read four times just to get it,” she said, “and a 1,500-page state operations manual. The nursing home industry is the second most regulated industry in the United States, second only to nuclear power. I had to learn things like the correct height for the handrails. It was crazy how much I had to learn.

With 20 years of nursing experience, Marie brought some knowledge into the equation, but other topics like finances and safety codes were new to her. Simply applying for the test requires applicants to accumulate “points” based on college degrees, years of healthcare experience, and years of leadership.

Marie notes that many nursing home administrators have no nursing experience, and credits her years as an emergency room nurse with practical knowledge that has come in handy over the past two years.

“During COVID-19 I was at the care center and working on the front line with my staff,” she said. “Some days I would come in the morning, work all day and be there at night, and I thank God. Being a nurse helps a lot because I know what other nurses are going through and I can step in to help. It was a plus for me. »

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Milton S. Rodgers