Mandatory training certificate for the heavy vehicle license


– The Ministry of Road Transport and National Roads has issued a notification in this regard and will apply after April 1, 2018
– This decision is taken in view of changing the driving habits of drivers to save oil and HSD, explains an official
– Telangana Auto and Motor Welfare Union raises stench on move

Hyderabad: Drivers presenting for the driving test to apply for the heavy goods vehicle license and those applying for the renewal of the heavy goods vehicle driving license after April 1, 2018, must present a certificate issued by the training institute following the notification issued. by the central government.

According to RTA officials, the Ministry of Road Transport and National Highways published a notification in the Official Gazette in this regard. Officials said the Petroleum Conservation Research Association (PCRA) submitted a report to the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas. 15 to 86.76 million metric tons in 2017-2018. The main diesel consumption (around 43 percent) is for heavy duty vehicles (trucks and buses). Therefore, PCRA has found that changing drivers’ driving habits provides good leeway for oil conservation, the official said.

The Center published a notice in the Gazette Regd D.No.33004 / 99 dated February 2017 notified the modification of the Central Motor Vehicle Rule, 1989. In rule 14 after sub-rule (1), after April 1, 2018, an application for a license to drive a heavy goods vehicle or a heavy passenger vehicle must be accompanied by a certificate according to Form 5A issued by the school or establishment from which the applicant receives the instructions. Likewise, the rule is also applicable for drivers who come for the renewal of their licenses. A senior official said they will have to follow the instructions because the Center published a notice in the gazette.

However, auto unions opposed the government’s move, saying it would place an additional financial burden on drivers to obtain the certificate. Telangana Auto and Motor Welfare Union secretary general Mr Dayanand said it was only a matter of imposing a financial burden on drivers. “No training institute will give the certificate for free and ask for money. Aside from what kind of training they would give, he doubts drivers would get training, ”Dayanand said. How can the RTA authorities request a new training certificate when renewing the driving license when they have given the driver the driving license earlier, he wonders.


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