Maersk Training partners with Diamond Offshore

Maersk Training and Diamond Offshore have entered into a three-year global training management and service agreement

Johan Uggla is the CEO of Maersk Training. (Image source: Maersk Training)

Maersk training provide industry-leading immersive simulation and crew resource management training for Diamond off crews around the world under a new Global Training Service and Management (TMS) agreement.

As part of the agreement, Maersk training will also provide a full range of training and skills management services through a state-of-the-art mobile TMS application. Services provided include administration of training management, management of skills programs and licensing. The app also has a learning management system, e-learning hosting and digital expense management.

The new agreement means Diamond off will have access to a global network of more than 500 qualified third-party training providers, with preferential tariff agreements negotiated by Maersk training.

Aaron Sobel, vice-president human resources, administration and CHRO To Diamond off, said, “The global reach of the team’s training and industry-leading expertise will help us continue our tradition of exceeding customer expectations while meeting the development needs of our teams. ”

Johan Uggla, CEO of Maersk training, added, “We are also extremely excited about the enhanced capabilities of the mobile applications that we will be providing to Diamond. These upgrades and new features make our application a unique solution and a pioneer for the oil and gas, wind and marine industries.

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