Lowville Graduate Carter Green Closes in on Real Estate License | Education

LOWVILLE — Everyone in high school is trying to figure out what the next chapter in their lives will be and for some, adding the pandemic into the equation has made that chapter even harder to write.

“It was in the middle of COVID, so I was pretty much lost on what I wanted to do,” said Carter P. Green, a graduate of Lowville High School.

Mr. Green said that after his mother met Brenda Malone, a real estate agent in Lowville, Mr. Green started talking to Ms. Malone, did open houses and became interested in real estate.

He said he then fell in love with real estate and asked Ms Malone what the next steps would be for him to receive his license as he believed it could be an integral part of his future.

The next step for Mr. Green was to take a course in real estate so he could become a realtor after graduating from high school.

One of the reasons he says he’s interested in real estate is that he’s a people person and he’s heard that being outgoing is a necessary quality for real estate agents.

“I’ve always liked people, I’ve always been a people person, I’ve always been an extrovert,” Mr Green said. “And I’ve heard that one of the best jobs for extroverts is being a real estate agent because you talk to people all the time, you do different things every day…you talk to people, you’re in touch with texting, and doing different commercials and stuff like that.

After his graduation ceremony in Lowville, Mr. Green would follow in his father’s footsteps by attending St. John Fishers. He says his father attending college played a major role in his decision to attend St. John Fishers.

“I naturally wanted to go there since I was about four years old,” he said. “He said he loved it, so I was like, ‘Oh, I might as well take a ride and see it, and see the business program.'”

He said he had met a professor of marketing and had been able to listen to a seminar that the professor had organized. Mr Green said he loved the professor and ‘could listen to him all day’.

The professor helped him choose his major in marketing as well as a minor in sales because he said it would be “perfect for real estate.” He also said that if he did, he would be in several of his classes.

He says he plans to take the real estate test in August and plans to try selling real estate but not right away.

“I probably won’t be at full speed until probably the junior, senior year of college, but I’ll probably try the summers and stuff like that between different years,” he said.

Mr Green said it will be difficult to balance his future real estate work and his studies at the same time, but noted that during the summer he is completely free and is considering doing another internship with a broker. in Rochester. “If I wanted to start early in my freshman, senior, or even sophomore year, then I can do that,” he said. “But I can definitely say it’s going to be tough, so I won’t be into real estate in college.”

The real estate course takes around six months, but Mr Green said it can be taken at your own pace and takes around 75 hours. There are 35 chapters in the program and currently Mr. Green is preparing for the test in August.

“It takes as long or as short as you really want in those six months, you can get it in two weeks if you stay up all night every night, or you can really drag it out for six months,” said he declared.

He said it wasn’t that difficult balancing high school life and studying for the test because he took his toughest classes last year.

Her dream is to do real estate in Athens, Georgia, as her family is from the area.

In his spare time, Mr. Green said he likes to hang out with friends whenever he can because this is his last few weeks in the area and he has a friend who is joining the military and goes to West Point the day after graduation. Mr. Green participates in various choirs and even played Gaston from Beauty and the Beast in the school musical. He says he has been involved in music since birth and plans to join a community choir in the Rochester area.

Mr. Green will be part of the launch ceremonies at Lowville Academy on June 25 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

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