Logan Shaw has ‘pretty good’ off-season training partners

TORONTO – Logan Shaw doesn’t hesitate a second when it comes to choosing where to spend his summers training. Halifax is still the place. And, there’s a great reason why.

In fact, there are three: Sidney Crosby, Nathan MacKinnon and Brad Marchand. Since the age of 18 or 19, the forward has trained with these NHL stars.

“We are a dozen players who skate together, but there are some big names in the group. That’s great. Every summer I go back to Halifax because they come back too. I see no reason not to participate. They train there, so why don’t I go? I try to go back and improve myself. My training group, the guys I skate with – Sean O’Donnell, Andrew Gordon, Andrew Bodnarchuk and Anthony Peters – they’re awesome. You get better every time you hit the ice, ”admitted Shaw, who joined the summer training group with the help of his former personal trainer – and because he also has mutual friends with Crosby’s trainer.

Skating with Crosby or Marchand creates a certain competitiveness, of course, because the two stars are rivals.

“It’s good to skate in the summer. I like it because they are so competitive in the offseason, even with nothing on the line. They are just trying to improve and I think it becomes contagious among the other players. who skate there. They compete from June to September with each other and try to get better and better, “said Shaw.

There is always something at stake with every exercise, every game and every shift.

“If they go head-to-head, they don’t want to lose a battle and it’s only on July 15. They don’t want to lose to each other. When you see that, you you say “Carry on. Don’t “don’t take anything lightly, even if it’s only mid-July. I think it’s pretty cool to be able to skate with them. It’s fun,” Shaw shared.

So how did you feel as an 18-year-old junior player when Crosby had already achieved superstar status?

“Crosby was already a superstar at the age of 16, and he was an even bigger star when I joined them,” said the 25-year-old.

Is it intimidating to face such established players who have lifted the Stanley Cup – three times in Crosby’s case and once for Marchand?

“I was very young when I started and felt a bit out of place… Not really in my element, but I felt I still had a lot of work to do. Over the years, I continued. to go back, ”Shaw admitted.

By sharing his “summer” trainer with Crosby, Shaw follows a slightly different schedule.

“Their coach, Alexi Pianosi, is now in Pittsburgh. He follows guys a bit, but he’s good. He’s smart. He knows what he’s doing. He’s very scientific, but if you have the same guy following these guys, i think it’s gonna be alright, ”Shaw snapped.

“His scientific side promotes the idea that it’s not just about lifting weights, but moving, correcting movement and making sure you move right away before lifting. He’s brilliant. has worked with enough players and has enough experience now to know what each player needs. I think it’s good. It’s personalized for each person he works with, “he noted.

For Shaw, the chance to improve every offseason couldn’t be better.

“You always want to be the best and I think you have to skate with the best to be the best,” he concluded. “It’s good.”

Milton S. Rodgers

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