Local police target fraudulent paper license plates

SHERMAN, TX (KXII) – Across Texas, police are cracking down on drivers with fraudulent paper license plates.

“You’ll throw a tag and it won’t come back to the right vehicle or go back to nothing and officers will investigate further and find the tag is fake,” said Sherman Police Department Sgt. Brett Mullen.

Temporary tags for recently purchased cars or loaner cars are now being crafted by the wrong clientele.

Mullen says drivers do so for many reasons such as avoiding tolls, registration and inspection fees and helping those involved in criminal activity avoid detection.

Having a fake paper tag on the car you are driving is a crime and there are severe penalties.

“Depending on your involvement in this area and how deep you are in making these things and producing these false labels, you could be charged with falsifying a government document which could result in a felony charge at third degree,” Mullen said.

In a statement from the Texas Department of Public Safety, they say they are aware of the growing problem of fraudulent temporary tags and are working statewide to eliminate the fake paper tag industry. They say they have already started training soldiers on how to identify fake tags and what to do once they are spotted.

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Milton S. Rodgers