Liquor Board Approves Taco Fiesta Bar & Grill License

It’s already called Taco Fiesta Bar & Grill. On Wednesday, the restaurant moved closer to providing beer or wine to go with your burritos.

Commissioners of the Washington County Board of Licensing, also known as the Liquor Commission, unanimously approved an on-site Class B beer, wine and liquor license for the restaurant, pending the alcohol awareness training certification. The board, which includes chairman Jeff Buczkowski, Alan Levin and Rich Newman, determined that all other criteria had been met.

Owners Marcos Del Cid Ramos and Reina Hernandez Del Cid appeared before the board on Wednesday for a license hearing. The restaurant, at 222 E. Oak Ridge Dr., opened in March.

More complicated Benny’s Pub case resolution

In July, the board heard a request from Benny’s Pub owner Bill Skomski to sell the off-site sales portion of his Eastern Boulevard business – transferring its license to a new owner – and seek an appropriate new license only for the pub. The board recently denied the request.

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If approved, the application would have transferred off-premises sales to MarieJay LLC, whose director is Jill Marie Shelly of Boonsboro. Her husband David, who accompanied her, runs Castle Liquors in Williamsport. She was also accompanied by dozens of other people who supported the transfer.

Skomski would then operate the pub under a new license, under a different classification.

But council lawyer John Salvatore told the hearing that it might not be that simple.

He noted that the license has an unusual history – Benny’s Pub’s current license was issued to accommodate a microbrewery on the premises; this brewery, Antietam Brewery, has since moved to another site. And the request was also unusual.

In a memo accompanying its decision, the council concluded that “Benny’s pub continued to operate as a bar and restaurant with a separate but adjoining liquor store. Now the Benny’s pub is asking to separate from the liquor store, but still operates as a restaurant with a What was one license has become two licenses. Now, if the requested transfer is allowed, the original license will have become three licenses. This was never the Commission’s intention. However, due to the passage of time, and In the event that the D license is not converted to a P license, the Régie will allow Benny’s Pub to retain this license, but will not be able to transfer the liquor store.

“Therefore, the request to transfer what would be a Class A – BWL (non-sale only) to Eastern Spirits is denied.”

Milton S. Rodgers