LETTER: License facilities must be open | Letters

Last week, Illinois Secretary of State Jessie White issued two press releases. He announced that driver facilities across the state will extend their closures for another week due to the COVID pandemic.

We are told that you can do almost anything online. While these facilities are closed, our schools, local government offices, churches, banks, retail establishments and other businesses remain open. We can go to the health club, to a sports activity, to the theater, to a restaurant, but not to the driving license facilities. We can go to a University of Illinois basketball game with over 15,000 foreigners and sit side by side and enjoy a game.

Prior to the announced closure, when facilities were open, people had to line up outside in the heat of summer or the cold of winter. And that’s just a guess, but I’d wager that the Secretary of State’s employees at these facilities are paid in full for this recent impromptu three-week vacation.

I find it both ironic and disappointing that in a second press release last week, White announced a $6 million grant for public libraries. Of course, funding our libraries is good news, but please note that over $4 million has been set aside for libraries to address COVID issues as they remain open to provide services to the public.

I’m disappointed why these two Illinois taxpayer-funded services, both under the office of the Illinois Secretary of State, and both of which should be walk-in, are run so differently ? Yes, I’m disappointed, but I get it – it’s business as usual in the Illinois government.

Milton S. Rodgers