Inside Riyadh’s Proven New Robotics Training Center

As the Proven Robotics Training Center opens in Riyadh, Saudi companies will soon be able to implement robotics technology in the workplace. The center is managed by Proven Solution, which has a formal partnership with Softbank Robotics in the Gulf region.

The training center aims to provide custom-designed robots for specific areas such as banking, government and utilities, education, travel and hospitality, and retail. In fact, depending on the customer’s needs, each robot will be able to connect personally with users, while others are ideal for manufacturers, distance learning, sanitation, etc. Thanks to their presence in the Kingdom, customers will also be able to receive the necessary training, spare parts and troubleshooting.

Zaid Al Mashari, Principal Proven Robotics, said the region has made progress in adopting robotic solutions in various fields. “The concept of robots and humans working side-by-side is quickly becoming the new normal. […] The opening of a service center responds to long-standing customer requests for improved after-sales service response times, meets market needs for advanced technology solutions and training, and strengthens the expertise of human resources within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia,” he said in a recent article by Gulf Affairs.

In fact, the robotics industry may have a bright future ahead of it, and it’s not limited to the Gulf region. For example, according to a 2021 report by Statistics, the global robotics industry tripled, reaching 422,000 units in 2018 and 373,000 in 2019. The global industrial robot market size is currently worth $50.2 billion, while the global service robot market is expected to reach 35 billion dollars over the period 2021-2025. Currently, Proven Robotics is looking forward to expanding its operations across Saudi Arabia.

Milton S. Rodgers