Haier Biomedical Conference, Training Center and Exhibit Hall Completed in West Africa, Expanding Haier Biomedical Vaccine Cold Chain Presence

The opening press conference of Haier Biomedical and Partners West Africa Conference, Training Center and Exhibit Hall was successfully held in Nigeria on July 21, 2022.

The opening press conference of Haier Biomedical and Partners West Africa Conference, Training Center and Exhibit Hall was successfully held in Nigeria on July 21, 2022. The event was brought together representatives from the National Primary Health Care Development Agency (NPHCDA), executive secretaries responsible for primary immunization in more than 20 states in Nigeria and Haier Biomedical’s major life science customers from vaccine safety. Nearly 90 staff from the UN, NGOs and WHO, as well as Nigeria’s Federal Ministry of Health, also attended the conference. Everyone present at the conference expressed their appreciation for the event.

During the press conference, Peter Pedersen, Director of International Business Operations of Haier Biomedical said, “Haier will focus its R&D efforts on new products in multiple vertical areas, including public health, medical, blood and laboratory, to create more values ​​for international partners, stakeholders and of course. end users.

The conference highlighted that Haier Biomedical is the world leader cold chain solution manufacturer and supplier. Dedicated to providing quality after-sales services, the company has established a professional after-sales service system in 130 countries. In addition to product quality and technical development, Haier Biomedical also prioritizes the quality and timeliness of localized services. In the meantime, Haier Biomedical intends to use this platform to build and maintain a closer relationship with users, key players in last-mile healthcare.

The following guests attended the seminar and conference:

● Dr. Audu Mushood, Sydani Initiative for International Development Cold Chain Specialist

● Dr Bello Yahaya, Executive Director/CEO Representative, National Primary Immunization Administration, Nigeria

● Dr. Muhammad Usman Adis, Chairman of the Board of Executive Secretaries of Primary Health Institutions in Nigeria.

● Yusuf Ibrahim, chief scientist of Africa’s largest biobank

The seminar, which revolves around vaccine safety, sample safety and cold chain management, explored the future development and current challenges of the cold chain industry. The seminar was recognized by the Ministry of Health and other relevant parties and received extensive local media coverage. This will open the door for UNICEF and other NGOs to source products from Haier Biomedical, paving the way for the company to offer timely services in the future.

Home to the world’s largest vaccine cold chain market, Nigeria is a country where 8 million newborns are born each year. However, this market is still penalized by the slowness of after-sales service responses and insufficient training. In this context, and thanks to the joint investment of Haier Biomedical, its local strategic partner Inter-Trade Ltd, and Mr. Eghosa, CEO of Inter-Trade Ltd, the Haier Biomedical Cold Chain Equipment Experience Center (floor 1) which covers an area of ​​2000m2 and a training center which includes 6 vaccine safety technology training rooms (floor 2) have been officially completed. This has diversified the range of services that Haier Biomedical provides to local people, which has increased their confidence in Haier Biomedical and its partners.

Haier Biomedical is not only a global manufacturer and supplier of complete cold chain solutions, but also a major partner of the World Health Organization and UNICEF. Amid the covid-19 pandemic, Haier Biomedical has taken on greater corporate social responsibilities by providing direct solar drive products such as solar vaccine refrigerators and solar cold storages to shortage-prone areas. electricity to help store vaccines, blood and vital samples.

This conference further expanded the cold chain to Haier biomedical vaccines in Nigeria and West Africa, and enabled more of Haier’s customers, key stakeholders and partners to better understand Haier Biomedical, opening the door for future cooperation. Committed to the “Life Science and Medical Innovation” strategy, Haier Biomedical will continue to innovate and provide more users with professional services and safety management solutions for traced samples, blood and vaccines to to improve life through the intelligent protection of life sciences.

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