HACC Adds 3 Online Cannabis Training Certificate Programs, Citing Industry Growth

HACC has entered into a partnership that will make three cannabis education courses available to students.

The community college said the programs were added “in response to the continued growth of the cannabis industry.”

HACC said it has partnered with Green Flower, an on-demand training platform.

Each of the three eight-week programs is offered online for $849. Classes are self-directed and can be taken at a time that suits the student’s schedule.

The programs are Advanced Dispensary Associate Skills Training, Cannabis Manufacturing Agent, and Grow Technician.

Graduates will receive certificates of completion from HACC and Green Flower and graduates will have access to Green Flower’s network of employers.

The HACC cited a 2022 jobs report published by Leafly, a cannabis information company, that cannabis is a $25 billion industry in the United States that creates an average of 280 new jobs per day. .

“As the demand continues to grow for an educated workforce in the cannabis industry in Pennsylvania and across the country, HACC is filling the need by contracting with Green Flower to give our students the opportunity to qualify for entry-level jobs,” Vic Rodgers, MBA, HACC’s vice president of workforce development and continuing education, said in a press release.

Daniel Kalef, Green Flower’s vice president of higher education, said the burst of growth in the industry is due in part to a “well-educated workforce”.

“As in other highly regulated industries, the need to have expertise in material handling, quality control, patient care, safety, transportation, horticulture and more is critical to everyone’s success. aspects of the industry and all that people will learn in these courses.”

More information about the program is available here. For more information, email [email protected]

Milton S. Rodgers