FOR WOMEN ONLY: National C License Course in New Jersey

EAST WINDSOR, NJ ― New Jersey Youth Soccer has partnered with Women and Girls in Soccer (WAGS) to offer an all-female course for the American Football National C License.

This WAGS-sponsored all-female course offers applicants, upon successful completion of the course, full reimbursement of their course fees and travel costs (up to a maximum). This American football coaching course was added to the NJYS coaching program with the goal of increasing the number of top female coaches throughout the state of New Jersey and beyond.

“As a pioneering leader in empowering and supporting the educational journey of female coaches, WAGS is very proud to sponsor this all-female National C course,” WAGS Executive Director Kerry Diederich said in a statement. “We look forward to working with NJYS to provide this pathway to higher licensing for female coaches, ensuring that their personal football goals can be achieved.”

Programming kicks off with a pre-course meeting on April 22 before an introductory conference on May 6. Heather Pederson, a member of the American Football Coaching Team, is the first confirmed coach to lead the course. The all-female course concludes during the week of August 15-18 with in-person field sessions in Tinton Falls, NJ. The total course cost is $1,900 and registration is open but limited to the first 24 eligible registrants. Click here to join.

The National C License is a 20-week course comprised of virtual classroom meetings, online learning experiences, and in-person field sessions. The online portion requires an average commitment of three hours per week, consisting of candidate engagement in large groups, small groups, instructor groups, and one-on-one meetings with an assigned instructor. The in-person session takes place over a four-day week that includes two full days and two half days of small group activities and individual fieldwork.

“As we continually work to enable coaches to further acquire and develop their knowledge and skills, we have recognized the need to empower more female coaches to gain new coaching qualifications,” said NJYS Director of Coaching Rick Meana in a statement. “Through this collaboration with Women and Girls in Soccer (WAGS), our goal is to further this ambition to create more opportunities for women in sport.”

Formerly a regional girls’ soccer league in the DC metro area, WAGS has been restructured into a charitable organization that focuses on empowering girls and women through soccer. The mission of WAGS is to sponsor, develop or provide educational and character building programs for the benefit of girls and women by teaching and promoting an interest in football.

Milton S. Rodgers