Food, education and the gospel: CBN’s Orphan’s Promise announces Warsaw training center for Ukrainian children

Since the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine on February 24, more than six million Ukrainians have fled their war-torn country and more than three million refugees have made their way to Poland.

CBN is in Warsaw, Poland, providing refugees, who are mostly women and children, with food, education and the gospel in Orphan’s Promise training center.

“We are going to be able to serve and reach 150 Ukrainian refugee children every day,” said Natasha Boom, Orphan’s Promise regional project manager for Europe.

*** PLEASE donate to OPERATION BLESSING relief efforts in Poland and Ukraine ***

“Our staff actually came to Warsaw, Poland, seven years ago. They were called by God. They didn’t know why. They didn’t know why. Now they know,” she said. declared. “Through Orphan’s Promise and Operation Blessing, CBN’s family of ministries, we have been able to nurture children and families through this training center.”

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Boom explained that Orphan’s Promise workers are working on preparing a new education center to help children.

“I’m so excited for the future, but you know this building isn’t ready. We’re working in the next two weeks to have it ready to teach Polish, educate the kids, have them in after-school clubs, so they don’t lag behind even if they’re Ukrainian,” she explained.

Boom has appealed for donors to help CBN in its efforts to care for children.

“They can excel in school here in Poland, but we need your help because there are more children who need us,” she explained. “We not only educate, not only serve, but we make disciples. We share the gospel. We see salvation.”

The regional director of the Orphan’s Promise project recalls attending the recent baptism of a Ukrainian teenager.

*** PLEASE donate to OPERATION BLESSING relief efforts in Poland and Ukraine ***

“This week I had the incredible privilege of attending the baptism of a 15-year-old Ukrainian refugee teenager. No greater privilege. But I believe there are more baptisms to come, but we need you,” Boom noted. “We need your support. We can’t do this without the amazing partners at CBN.”

“So if you’re a partner, thank you, but please consider joining us so we can reach these amazing, amazing refugees here in Poland. Thank you,” she concluded.

Milton S. Rodgers