DVIDS – News – Naval Safety and Environmental Training Center visits USS George HW Bush

NAVAL STATION NORFOLK- Naval Security and Environmental Training Center (NSETC) instructors recently delivered the Afloat Security Programs course to 68 future divisional security masters aboard the aircraft carrier USS George HW Bush ( CVN 77).

“The ability to equip future CVN 77 security professionals with essential training during a hectic pre-deployment cycle with minimal impact on sailors’ schedules is a testament to the Security Training Center’s mission. naval and environmental and its exceptional staff of military and civilian instructors,” said Cmdr. Dylan Beyer, the ship’s security officer.

The NSETC visit was a direct result of the ship’s commitment to working together with the training center to meet the continuing education requirements for sailors aboard the ship, especially as the ship nears the end of its the integrated training phase as part of the optimized fleet response plan.
“Our skipper quickly saw a golden opportunity to take the Afloat Safety Programs, one of our most requested courses, right on the ship,” said Lt. jg Joanna Houston, head of the training department for the NSETC fleet.

She noted that the ship’s safety and industrial hygiene officers visited the NSETC school to see how they could get qualified sailors ahead of deployment, which resulted in the school offering training aboard the ship.

Course instructors provided essential training and educational requirements for Sailors making final preparations for deployment, and ensured that each department had qualified and competent Divisional Safety NCOs to promote and maintain safety and occupational health.
Afloat safety programs have been offered only online for a few years now, making face-to-face training on board all the more popular with sailors.

“Bringing onboard safety programs to CVN 77 sailors has been a rewarding experience as an instructor,” said Chief Electrician Mate Enrique Servatico, Safety Programs Course Instructor/Leader. “To be able to engage more personally with Sailors about the importance of safety and how crucial it is to mission success, really speaks to the heart of my role as a Navy instructor.

During the final days of classes, Department of Safety Aviation Boatswain’s Mate (Handling) 1st Class Kyle Bailey and Electronics Technician 1st Class Randall Quintero, offered a visit to three instructors from the Department of environmental and emergency management within the NSETC. Instructors observed areas on board relating to environmental health and safety, such as the storage of hazardous materials.

The collaborative effort of George HW Bush and the NSETC has been mutually beneficial for instructors and students, and has improved the ship’s occupational and environmental safety preparedness.

George HW Bush provides National Command Authority with a flexible and customizable combat capability as the flagship of a carrier battle group that maintains maritime stability and security to provide access, deter aggression, and defend the interests of the United States, allies and partners.

For more information on George HW Bush, visit the Facebook (www.facebook.com/ussgeorgehwbush) and Instagram (www.instagram.com/ghwbcvn77) pages or visit the official webpage (www.airlant .usff.navy.mil/cvn77).

Date taken: 24.05.2022
Date posted: 24.05.2022 09:19
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Milton S. Rodgers