Detained workers obtain dairy worker training certificate

The information below has been provided by dairy traders and other industry organizations. It has not been edited, verified or endorsed by Hoard’s Dairyman.

Wisconsin Department of Corrections (DOC) Secretary Jon Litscher joined Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Kleefisch, leaders of Moraine Park Technical College and guests in celebrating the second completion ceremony for inmates who are completing the training certificate for dairy workers.

The Bureau of Correctional Enterprises, which is part of DOC, has four dairy farms near Waupun, Fox Lake, Oregon and Green Bay, as well as a dairy and creamery in Waupun. In total, 62 detained workers manage a herd of more than 552 dairy cows, 73 dry cows and 659 heifers. There are 26 inmates in the DOC dairy and creamery.

The milk, ice cream, and sherbet produced are sold to correctional facilities in Wisconsin and Minnesota for consumption, and the cream is sold to the University of Wisconsin-Madison for making ice cream. The farms also produce crops for animal feed.

Graduation group – photo credit to Wisconsin Department of Corrections

Moraine Park Technical College and DOC worked to develop a training program for workers detained at DOC’s Waupun State Farm. The Dairy Worker Training Certificate is a two-credit transferable diploma that includes instruction in milking, feeding, cow breeding and calf care, as well as farm maintenance and other essential skills. .

The Bureau of Correctional Enterprises also operates a bridging program for detained workers to find employment in related fields upon release.

Lieutenant Governor Kleefisch said: “At a time when Wisconsin’s unemployment rate is at an all-time low, it makes sense to prepare inmates of today to be the workers of tomorrow, especially in dairy farms and creameries where farmers say we are facing critical shortages of workers.

DOC Secretary Litscher said: “Making job training available to detainees is a way to prepare detainees for release. Under the leadership of Governor Walker, we worked with the Department of Workforce Development and local technical colleges to significantly expand vocational training for in-demand careers in areas such as construction, industrial maintenance, welding, CNC machining, construction and agriculture. With tens of thousands of jobs available and a historically low unemployment rate, we want inmates to be released with the skills they need to find jobs and become productive citizens.

Moraine Park Technical College Vice President of Academic Affairs Jim Eden said, “Moraine Park Technical College is proud to be in an ongoing partnership with the DOC Dairy Training program and we celebrate this innovative approach to helping employers fill vacancies. . Our college aims to benefit our communities by providing skilled workers for our market. The skills learned through this program will benefit this important industry, as well as our local and national economy. We look forward to continuing this enriching and growing partnership for the prison population. “

Milton S. Rodgers

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