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Cytech is looking for training partners in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Ireland, as it seeks to expand in the UK and Ireland.

Managed by ACT, Cytech’s mission to raise the level of professional cycle technicians across the globe continues with world-class facilities now training on four continents and Cytech-trained technicians operating in 52 countries.

Cytech’s current international training sites are already on track to double in 2022, with ever-increasing demand suggesting there could be up to three times the number of Cytech training sites by the end of 2022. Cytech is researching to initiate this expansion by opening accredited training centers in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Ireland.

Those interested in becoming a Cytech Authorized Training Provider in one or more of these locations can apply here.

Companies will need to include:

– A history of the company
– Proposed location (s) for a Cytech training center
– Financial situation of the company
– Key people within the company, i.e. the owner, the proposed training technicians
– Information on workshop facilities, including capacity for e-bikes, as well as any pre-existing training space
– All Cytech qualified personnel already employed in the company
– Expected number of trainees and total expected turnover of Cytech training in the first three years
– Why the company wants to offer training, and why it would be a good choice for Cytech

Applications will be accepted until the initial deadline of 1/31/22. As there will be an in-depth assessment of any potential Cytech training provider partner and / or location, it is likely that there will be multiple cycles in which applications can be submitted, although ACT still recommends submitting applications. nominations as soon as possible.

Applications will be examined by ACT and will be treated in the strictest confidence. As it progresses, ACT may request more financial information, including a set of the latest accounts.

To ensure that high levels of Cytech standards are maintained, successful candidates will go through several additional assessments before being appointed, including shop, tooling and equipment checks and they will undertake ” training of trainers ”.

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Any questions should be addressed to [email protected]

Milton S. Rodgers