Childcare license suspended for Osage County daycare center


The Missouri Department of Elementary-Secondary Education (DESE), Office of Childhood (OOC), suspended the child care license of a Linn daycare center because staff administered unknown drugs to children for calm down at nap time.

DESE investigated a complaint on March 24 that staff at Busy Bee Learning Academy, Linn, and owner Tonya Newbound were giving children nap gummies for children who can chew them and were giving powder in milk to children who cannot chew.

Investigators say Newbound told them the gummies are herbal supplements to help children sleep.

In the letter presented to Newbound:

On March 24, a parent walked into the pharmacy with their approximately 4-year-old child. The parent said their child informed them that they had to take a gummy bear every day at daycare and if they didn’t take a nap they would get powder on their tongue and if they didn’t still didn’t take a nap, they had to sit in the closet until the nap was over. The parent said the daycare was the Busy Bee Learning Academy in Linn, Missouri. The parent had the candy and showed it to him and pharmacist Kevin Budenhoeffer, who told the parent that the candy was a 5 milligram melatonin candy.

Busy Bee Learning Academy can appeal the suspension by April 10.

Milton S. Rodgers