Call for Applications for Training Partners under the Wind Energy Skills Development Program

The National Wind Energy Institute (NIWE) invites interested institutions to become training partners to deliver training under the Vayumitra Skills Development Program (VSDP) for the fiscal year 2022-23 to 2023-24 .

Applicants must be industrial training institutes, polytechnics, engineering schools or universities.

The last day to apply is August 24, 2022.

Applicants must file a non-refundable online processing fee of ₹5,000 (~$63).

Recognized Training Partners must train participants to become Electrical and Instrumentation Operation and Maintenance (O&M) Technicians, Mechanical O&M Technicians, and Site Surveyors. There will be 30 participants per batch. Assessment and certification will be carried out by the Skills Council for Green Jobs (SCGJ).

Training partners for the program will be selected near existing wind farms and potential wind energy sites. Institutes will be selected based on several criteria, including reputation, infrastructure and distance from wind farms. Institutions located near wind farms will be preferred for the ease of practical training. Applicants located within 50 km of a wind project will have a higher advantage in the scoring criteria.

Candidates will be assessed on the availability of training center infrastructure, such as hostels with canteen and electrical and mechanical laboratories. Applicants must have a minimum of three faculties – at least one in Electrical, Mechanical, Civil, Instrumentation, and Physics.

Faculties will be provided with a 12-day “Train the Trainer” course by NIWE at its Chennai or Kayathar campus. Training costs, accommodation and food will be covered by NIWE.

The operation and maintenance budget for electrical, instrumentation and mechanical technicians will be ₹968,030 (~$12,312) per lot. The budget for the site surveyor course will be ₹615,318 (~$7,826). At the start of the training, 30% of the expenses will be released. Upon successful certification, 40% of expenses will be released. The rest will be released after the verified employment of 70% of the participants.

Applicants applying for multiple training centers within a state must apply for a center at one location. They cannot apply for more than three centers in the state and no more than ten centers in the country.

At the end of each training package, an evaluation will be made by the assessors appointed by the SCGJ and the Sector Skills Council for Green Jobs. SCGJ will issue the certificate to qualified trainees.

According to the Global Wind Energy Council’s Global Wind Report, 2022, the Indian wind market outlook for 2022 and 2023 is projected at 3.2 GW and 4.1 GW of onshore wind installations, respectively.

At a meeting on transmission planning for offshore wind power projects in India, Union Energy Minister RK Singh announced that bids would be launched for offshore wind power blocks of 4 GW per year for three years. Thereafter, 5 GW project capacity will be auctioned every year for five years until FY 2029-30. This will bring the total capacity over eight years to 37 GW. To find suitable sites for these projects and ensure the smooth operation and maintenance of the turbines, India will need the expertise of a trained workforce. VSDP can help build a primo team to meet future wind industry demands.

Milton S. Rodgers