Buying guns shouldn’t be easier than getting a driver’s license

On May 25, another mass shooting took place in the United States. When will we finally stop this carnage? Nineteen primary school children and two adults were shot while going to school and working. Accusations and accusations will start, but no one will tackle the problem.

Maybe because it doesn’t affect their immediate family. Is this what it takes?

Why is it easier to get a gun than to get a driver’s license? When you apply for a driver’s license, you must learn the rules of driving, pass a test concerning these rules and have a certain number of hours of driving experience. Finally, you must pass a driving test with a qualified person in the vehicle to see if you are sufficiently trained. These are safety measures to protect citizens from an inexperienced driver.

Why can’t this be implemented when buying a gun? Background checks, training in the use of firearms, and a qualified expert in the final stages of training to determine a person’s ability to assume responsibility for firearm possession.

I’d like to take credit for having this idea regarding gun control, but it was born during my granddaughter’s high school debating assembly. These students debated gun control and came up with an idea that far surpasses anything the adults in Congress have presented. Why? Because there was no money involved in their ideas or their decisions. Theirs was simply based on the safety of the individual and public safety as a whole.

No one wants to take away a person’s “right to bear arms”. We only want to weed out people who shouldn’t buy or own guns. A uniform gun possession law that includes background checks, firearms training, a period of firearms training, and a final firearms possession test by a qualified expert would certainly reduce the misuse of firearms. This period of time can prevent quick decisions from hurting a gun.

Our country must take action to prevent mass shootings by detecting potential gun abuse early, not by pointing fingers and blaming the cause after the fact. I plead with our members of Congress to take action and follow the ideas of our high school students instead of listening to monetary direction. How many more innocent people have to die before you do this?

Suzanne Paine


Milton S. Rodgers