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I was talking to students recently and they were trying to defend me on their behalf but, you know, I told them this was a SUNY requirement, not a Northland requirement.

Q: The shortage of trades workers has been a problem for years. How is it affected by the wider shortage of workers that is currently occurring?

A: At present, it is a market of job seekers. Companies pay premiums. They hardly require drug testing for marijuana for the most part.

Job seekers can be very selective about where they go to work. If they don’t like the pay or the shift, or if it’s not convenient in terms of location, they have options.

It’s a challenge, especially for employers who don’t pay that much. They are therefore trying out different options to attract and retain a skilled workforce.

Northland Workforce Training Center President and CEO Stephen Tucker talks about what lies ahead for 2021 and the role Northland is playing in building a diverse workforce.

Q: The shortage of catering staff has put upward pressure on service salaries. Did the same thing happen in the manufacturing industry? If so, will it last?

A: I think it’s going to be the new normal, which isn’t a bad thing. The state’s minimum wage will ultimately be $ 15 an hour. Companies like Wendy’s, Arby’s, Panera Bread, they pay $ 15, $ 16, $ 17 an hour. Manufacturers therefore have to pay more. They started looking at their salaries and increasing their salaries because they couldn’t find talent.

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