BCI Licensed Training Partners – Middle East and India

BCI continues to deliver its world-renowned training in the Middle East and India through a select network of approved training partners. These approved training partners have gone through our quality assurance processes so you can be sure that your training will meet all BCI standards. In order to help you locate your local authorized BCI Licensed Training Partners, we have provided a list below.

These BCI Licensed Training Partners are the only organizations authorized by BCI to deliver its training, which includes the CBCI Certification course and its suite of 1 and 2 day courses.

The CBCI Certification course is the only official course that prepares students to take the CBCI exam, which leads to BCI membership.

Marjason Training & Consulting (Middle East)

Founded in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, in 2013, Marjason Consulting specializes in organizational resilience, offering training and consultancy services in accordance with international standards.

Marjason Training & Consulting offers certified and bespoke training, implementation, gap assessment and facilitates tabletop exercises to validate emergency response, BCM and crisis management plans.

They are BCI’s largest training partner in the Middle East region, working with some of the largest organizations in the Gulf, and are the only licensed training partner authorized to deliver public BCI certification and training courses. .

ADOX Business Resilience – Consulting and Training Services (Middle East)

ADOX Business Resilience Consulting and Training was founded in 2021 by experienced practitioners, with one main mission: to be an effective, adaptive and customer-focused consulting and training company and business partner, to improve business continuity and the organizational resilience of our clients.

ADOX is authorized to provide internal BCI certification and training courses only.

Network Intelligence (India)

Network Intelligence India is a global cybersecurity provider founded in 2001 with over 700 team members working from their offices in Mumbai, New York, Singapore and Dubai.

Their training division, IIS, is one of the most trusted sources of hands-on training in Business Continuity and Information Security, providing unrivaled excellent hands-on training to individuals and businesses across India and the world.

Network Intelligence India’s emphasis on hands-on training gives clients and students an edge to grow quickly and advance professionally in their respective career(s).

Network Intelligence is the only BCI licensed training partner authorized to deliver public BCI certification and training courses in India.


Milton S. Rodgers