Baraboo Nonprofit and Sauk County Join Forces to Create Vocational Training Center | Regional news

Shawna Marquardt, regional director of Madison Area Technical College Reedsburg and Portage campuses, explains the apprenticeship program to Sauk County Board of Directors supervisors at a meeting in August.

BRIDGET COOKE / Republic News

People will be certified by the WDB and will be able to either work for the local company that has already helped them learn or leave to find jobs elsewhere, Harris said.

Miller credited PHP with his willingness to help people in this business.

“They are the only ones who volunteered and really stepped up,” Miller said.

Sauk County Supervisor Marty Krueger said the partnership will allow people to be trained in the areas needed in businesses in the county and to be paid enough to support themselves and their families.

“It’s a win for the county, it’s a win for our employers and it’s a win for the new people who are being trained,” Krueger said.

For Harris, a second phase of his current work has been planned for years, as it became clear that those convicted of crimes needed new direction. This expansion will not only allow them to teach men as they did before and the WDB will certify apprenticeship training. Their goal is to help “broken hearts”.

“We say, ‘You’re not bad, you’re just heartbroken, and heartbroken people do heartbroken things,” Harris said. “That’s why the prison is full. “And you’re not a bad person, you’re broken. “

He said that through training, they can boost the self-esteem of those currently held in prison and help provide counseling that was previously lacking in their lives.

Milton S. Rodgers

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