Astellas Pharma and Dyno Therapeutics sign option and license agreement

Astellas Pharma Inc. and Dyno Therapeutics Inc. signed an option and license agreement to develop next-generation adeno-associated virus (AAV) vectors for Uncomfortable skeletal muscle and heart muscle directed therapy using Dyno’s CapsidMap platform.

Dyno’s CapsidMap platform represents a transformative approach applying In vivo experimental data and machine learning to create new AAV capsids – the Cell -targeting Protein viral vector shells – designed to optimize tissue targeting and immune evasion properties, in addition to improving packaging ability and manufacturability. Unlike traditional approaches, CapsidMap is particularly well suited for simultaneously optimizing capsids for delivery across multiple organs, with the aim of enabling more effective whole body treatment for many diseases.

With the creation of the Astellas Gene Therapies Center of Excellence following the acquisition in 2020 of Audentes Therapeutic Inc., Astellas is a leader in the field of genetic drugs, working alongside its partners to build a portfolio of life-changing gene therapies. This research collaboration combines Dyno’s AI-powered AAV vector engineering capabilities with Astellas Gene Therapies’ global leadership in AAV-based pipeline assets.

“Thanks to our efforts in Genetical therapy and the Astellas Center of Excellence in Gene Therapies, Astellas strives to identify, develop and deliver transformative gene therapies for patients with genetic diseases who currently have little or no options for effective treatment. Our main goal is to develop therapies administered by adeno-associated viruses for the treatment of serious, well-defined diseases, ”said Naoki Okamura, chief strategy officer and chief financial officer, chief commercial officer at Astellas. “We are committed to delivering new approaches and using new technologies that can deliver transformational value for patients. “

“We are very happy to partner with Astellas, a world leader in the development of gene therapies. Dyno and Astellas each bring unique strengths to this collaboration, together enabling the faster creation of new therapies for patients with high unmet needs, ”said Dyno CEO and Co-Founder Eric D. Kelsic, Ph.D. “This partnership demonstrates the flexibility of Dyno’s platform to precisely design the delivery properties of gene therapy vectors to multi-organ and disease-specific profiles, by applying the scientific knowledge we are rapidly learning in all our partnership and internal vector engineering programs using CapsidMap. “

Under the terms of the agreement, Dyno will design new AAV capsids with improved functional properties for gene therapy, while Astellas will be responsible for driving preclinical, clinical and commercialization activities, including manufacturing, of product candidates. of gene therapy using the new capsids.

Dyno will receive an upfront payment of $ 18 million and may receive additional payments during the research phase of the collaboration as well as clinical and commercial milestone payments and royalties for all resulting products. The aggregate potential value of future milestone and royalty payments to Dyno exceeds $ 235 million per product and over $ 1.6 billion in total value.

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Milton S. Rodgers