Apple Wallet driver’s license support expands to Maryland

Maryland has officially introduced support for storing driver’s licenses in Apple Wallet.

Apple originally planned to add driver’s license support to Wallet in 2021, but the company said in December it would have to delay the feature until sometime in 2022. Arizona became the first State to support driver’s licenses and state ID cards in Wallet in March.

Now, drivers in Maryland can take advantage of this feature, with some limitations. State Motor Vehicle Administration Notes(Opens in a new window) that Apple Wallet users can show their digital credentials at “certain TSA checkpoints,” but travelers should always have their physical licenses handy.

“Maryland Mobile ID is voluntary and serves as a companion to your physical plastic driver’s license/ID card – it is not a replacement for the physical card,” says the MVA, “and you must continue to carry your license to drive/physical ID with you.”

That’s not the only way Maryland sees these Apple Wallet driver’s licenses as supplements rather than substitutes for traditional driver’s licenses. The MVA notes that law enforcement officials will also not accept these digital IDs as valid forms of identification.

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Still, for Maryland residents who like the idea of ​​slashing seconds at TSA checkpoints, those Apple Wallet driver’s licenses are now an option. More information is available via the MVA website.

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Milton S. Rodgers